In trading with SD Direct Pro, you automatically become a partner and gain access to a set of products and services that will help you grow your business and generate a competitive edge.


Partner Program

The program has been specifically designed to empower your business and optimise your bottom line. It includes a set of advantages and services that you access once registered with SD Direct Pro.

The Academy

At SD Direct Pro Academy, we offer a wide range of courses to our partners. From introductory to advanced lessons, we ensure that you will benefit from a full understanding of the in and outs of our product ranges.

Technical support

Our team of engineers will provide you with all the technical support needed and ensure successful completion of all projects.

Marketing Support

As a partner, you benefit from marketing support packages to help you grow your business and boost sales. From product displays to business brochures, all the tools needed are made available.

Credit Facility

With SD Direct Pro, you say goodbye our experience and financial structure enables us to offer 30 days’ payment terms.

Free branch delivery

Based on your geographical location, you can collect your goods from any of our warehouses in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Windhoek.

Next day collection

We have a 24h collection policy. Regardless of how tight is your timeline SD Direct Pro ensure that your goods will be ready for collection the next day.

Limited offers

Trading with SD Direct Pro grants your business access to exclusive deals and offers. They are released periodically and made available only to our partners.


Our international footprint and years of experience have granted SD Direct Pro a repution in the industry. Leads are redirected on a daily basis.

Stock Available

We secure stock at all time and guaranty your peace of mind on last minute orders. This is a blank space to make things consistant

Taylor design

We offer custom made solutions to suit any projects. Based on your site assessment and project guidelines we design on your behalf the optimum Solar Solution.